Assessment and Observations


Critical Tip of the Month

On-task behavior at stations is directly correlated to consistent and routine procedures, along with engaging activities that encourage student success.


Essential Component #10: Students have frequent opportunities to work in cooperative groups.

Essential Component #13:  Students work at a variety of learning stations on a regular basis.

Find the following resources online in the Teacher Tools section of the ISI website at for CHILD.


  • Self-Assessment (In Passport.  Work Habits tied to 21st century skills. Sample page in Teacher Tools.)
  • Goals (In Passport.  Use weekly tables to record percentage, check mark, teacher initial or other. Sample page in Teacher Tools.)
  • Assessment Tools (On website.  Assessment tools for math, reading, writing, multiple use, Passports and collaboration.)
  • Subject Area Checklists (On website; Teacher Tools.  Use daily to keep track of student work while in stations.)

Teacher Observations

  • Cluster Observation Form (an Essential Component of CHILD allowing you an opportunity to view students in another setting. Fillable form in Teacher Tools.)
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