Open House and Teacher Station Ideas

Critical Tip of the Month

Students should be visiting stations at least three to four times per week.  Consistent use of stations will enable students to move toward mastery of independent and collaborative learning.

CHILD Essential Component #5: Students work at a variety of learning stations (technology, hands-on, text/written).


Find the following resources online in the Teacher Tools section of the ISI website at for CHILD.


Orienting Parents to Project CHILD 

  • Parent Video (for use in Computer Station or as cluster or whole school presentation tool)
  • Cluster Parent Letters (available in English or Spanish)
  • CHILD Open House materials (a complete guide for hosting a Parent Open House including Task Cards for parents to move from station to station)
  • CHILD Parent Passport (for use during Open House)
  • Welcome to CHILD PowerPoint for Parents(Introducing parents to CHILD)
  • Welcome to CHILD PowerPoint for Students(Introducing students to CHILD)

          Creating a Terrific Teacher Station

  • Teacher Station Video (a brief look into how to run an efficient Teacher Station)
  • Photos (views from different classroom settings)
  • Teacher Station Task Cards (subject specific to use all year long)
  • Jennifer Walker, Primary Reading Specialist, Royal Palm Beach, FL

    Teacher Station Lesson Plan (template to plan for differentiated groups)

  • Ask 3 Before Me Sign (sign to encourage self-help)
  • Passport Pages (individual pages from Passport to use for modeling)
  • Instructional Period Pacing Guides (use with a timer to help you set a good pace including multiple Teacher Station group lessons)

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