Classroom Management FAQ’s

Problem: Testing is right around the corner and I’m feeling stressed to prepare for this important event.  How should I fit in stations with my test preparation?

Consider:  While testing is certainly an important time in every classroom, it is not a time to change the routines that you have worked so hard to establish throughout the year.  Use your CHILD/TEAMS resources to provide hands-on activities to prepare your students for the upcoming tests.  Continue to offer a variety of station activities that review and apply important concepts that students will need on the tests.

Remember to trust the “Learning Pyramid” that says that students retain best when they are “teaching others” and “practicing by doing.” When students are engaged and involved, the test will take care of itself!

Essential Component #14:  Station activities are clearly defined with Task Cards, aligned with standards, are appropriate to students’ abilities and needs, and provide feedback.

Consider:  Design your station products and responses to be in test format.  Use multiple choice responses or short and extended responses to assess learning at stations.  Passport/Work Log reflections are an excellent resource to boost student learning, as reflecting on their work helps solidify understanding. This is called metacognition. Encourage students to add details in their responses and to use key vocabulary to reflect upon their learning.

Essential Component #15:  Students use a record-keeping tool (Passport or Work Log) and Task Cards to develop 21st century skills.

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