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IEP’s programs are designed to provide cutting-edge solutions in the areas of special education, early childhood education, theme schools, curriculum and instruction, professional development, charter school educational management, alternative education, corrections education, academic enrichment, and other specialized educational services.

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IEP offers a variety of PreK-12 educational services.

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Project Child

Project CHILD™  is a research-based instructional framework for the elementary classroom.

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About IEP

At IEP, our mission is to bring a new level of excellence to the educational process by providing communities with the customized tools and solutions to meet their specific educational needs.

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What others say about us

“We go to workshops all the time that tell us what we should be doing in the classroom. With CHILD I have finally learned how to do it.”





















“IEP has provided many levels of successful programming for preschool through high school students. The staff of IEP is extremely knowledgeable about the students, their disabilities, needs and the public agencies that are used to assist students. Their staff is reliable, energetic, and professional in every way.”





























“CHILD has really helped my teachers successfully implement the required components of the 90 minute reading block, using our district’s core comprehensive reading program.”









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