A Word of Encouragement

Amanda Hackford, Primary Math teacher at Treasure Coast Elementary, Indian River County, Florida speaks up about maintaining momentum during this time of year.

“The school year is flying by and we are already welcoming spring. It is sometimes hard to keep up the steady pace and maintain the momentum that we started with at the beginning of the school year but it is important to hang in there! Some of you may be asking the question; how do we do that?”

“Teaching is not a destination; it is a journey.  Teaching must be done with meaning and fidelity.” – Mr. Mark Dugan, Principal, Treasure Coast Elementary

We must stay focused on the positive. As educators we are all in this career for a reason; the best interest of the children. So, focus on the reason you became an educator and the positive aspects of the difference you can make in children’s lives.

“Teaching is a lifelong commitment to learning.” – Mrs. Caroline Barker, Assistant Principal, Treasure Coast Elementary

We all experience meaningful moments with our students. We must stay focused on the moments which I call “monumental moments;” those that we all have shared with our students that will be memorable for a lifetime. Those moments should fill up our “momentum fuel tank” when it is low!

“School makes my brain smarter everyday so I never give up!” – Ranger B., First grade student.

“Get plenty of sleep because you need lots of rest to keep up with school.” – Sam E. Second grade student.

Submitted by Amanda Hackford, M.A.Ed. , Project CHILD Consultant & Primary Writing Teacher 

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