Get the Word Out There about CHILD


Intro to CHILD at Jubilee Days in Hagerstown, Indiana 

Hagerstown Elementary participated in the recent Jubilee Days celebration in their local town by hosting a booth to share information about Project CHILD.  Many parents, community members and students visited the booth to learn more about CHILD.09.12_06

Mrs. Lori Ward, Primary Writing Specialist, works with two prospective CHILD
students at Jubilee Days in Hagerstown, Indiana.

Principal, Lora Wilson, and her CHILD teachers decided this was a great way to introduce the new instructional model they are using this year in six classrooms at their school.  With plans to expand school-wide and other teachers already interested in joining the “pioneer” group of CHILD teachers, the introduction was well-received by everyone including the school district’s superintendent, Dr. Bill Doering, a strong supporter of CHILD.09.12_07

Mr. Brad Catey, Intermediate Math Specialist, explains the
Textbook Station to a parent at Jubilee Days in Hagerstown, Indiana.

When leaders and teachers communicate the vision of CHILD to its school’s stakeholders, the success rate for meaningful change increases for a school using Project CHILD.  These stakeholders include parents, school board members, community and government leaders.  Hagerstown Elementary’s CHILD team has taken this step to ensure everyone is informed and onboard.09.12_08

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