Sebastian Elementary School

Intermediate Writing teacher, Susan Nickerson, at Imagine School of Lakewood Ranch, has it all together.  Teaching both writing and science is a challenge for some teachers, but Ms. Nickerson has combined the content of science with the process of writing and is making gains in both areas with her students.

The writing process is the focus of whole group instruction one week, followed with a focus on science the next.  Getting in a hands-on experiment on a bi-weekly basis is important to Ms. Nickerson along with adding science content into the writing stations.

Hands-on stations, based on missed science test questions, allow them to hypothesize, experiment, gather results, and scientifically choose the correct answer. This learning becomes so much more real in their minds when they control how they’re learning it.” Ms. Nickerson has even included some test formatted responses for her students to practice for upcoming standardized tests.

Students work on hands-on experiments in Exploration Station.

Teacher Station is open for individual conferencing of student writing. The one-on-one writing conference and the immediate feedback it brings is, in my opinion, the most important part to the student’s writing success. Without interactive science stations that engage the students, these conferences would not be possible.”      

Students use iPods to research information to do with the topic of study in science.

Shared whisper reading in Textbook Station utilizes the science textbook for practice with informational text.


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