The Institute for School Innovation now offers professional development for middle school teachers at the sixth grade level. In subsequent years, training and materials will be forthcoming for seventh and eighth grade.

TEAMS Professional Learning Sequence

ISI has updated TEAMS materials and training for sixth grade Mathematics and Language Arts. Suggested links and curriculum maps for Science and Social Studies are also included. Click here for TEAMS page.

TEAMS stands for Technology Enhancing Achievement in Middle School. The basic tenets of the TEAMS instructional model are:

  • Interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Technology integration
  • Hands-on active learning

Interactive workshops and expert coaching will show teachers how to…

Use Standards to Drive Instruction

When teachers teach to standards, the students are well-prepared for their state tests. Teachers will learn how to move beyond textbook teaching to let the state standards drive instruction. The TEAMS Planning Guides offer a variety of ancillary resources aligned with standards to supplement textbook materials. There are also suggested Curriculum Maps, Weekly Plans and Skills Checklists ready to go. Click Here for sample Planning Guide.

Differentiate Instruction through Small Group Learning Stations

Teachers will learn to differentiate practice activities; not only by skill level, but also by learning style. The TEAMS Planning Guides provide start-up station activity templates with pre-printed station Task Cards.

Increase Time-on-Task

Students who are engaged are students who are learning. TEAMS teachers will learn to create vibrant and exciting classrooms with differentiated learning activities that go beyond skill and drill. TEAMS tools include student Work Log Folders and Station Rotation Work Log Inserts.

Provide Purposeful Practice

Students learn more when engaged in purposeful practice, not busy work. This also frees the teacher to work productively with small learning groups. Teachers will learn to set up and plan engaging practice activities at four small-group learning stations. TEAMS station-planning tools include a Teacher’s Manual and Subject Planning Guides that provide ready-to-go Station Activities with Task Cards. Click Here for sample Teacher’s Manual.

Integrate Technology into Instruction

Computers, podcasts, and text messaging rule the world for today’s early adolescent. Teachers will learn how to capture this natural curiosity by using technology as an integral part of daily work through Internet activities. TEAMS tools include suggested software correlations and Website Evaluation Forms.

Empower Students to Take Responsibility

Teachers will learn various techniques to ensure that students take responsibility for their own learning. TEAMS tools include the Work Logs and Motivational Certificates.

Connect the Curriculum through Interdisciplinary Teamwork and Collaboration

Without connections and collaboration, many students experience a disjointed and duplicative curriculum as they travel from class to class. The TEAMS materials are designed around four unifying and overarching themes that connect the core subject areas. Several TEAMS tools enable teachers to learn how to function effectively as a team and to coordinate instruction. They include:

  • Interdisciplinary curriculum maps for each unit (Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies)
  • Common weekly personal development activities connected to the unit theme for each homeroom teacher
  • Team Planning Guide Templates
  • Team Meeting Agenda Forms
  • Peer Classroom Observation Forms