In the past, many Special Education students simply were lost in the system – either sent out of district in segregated settings or left adrift to find their own way, or even to drop out of school. Today, under new legal mandates, school districts are seeking creative solutions to provide more inclusive programs for the students.

IEP has a distinguished track record in Special Education, underscored by the real partnerships IEP develops with school districts across the country. We are expert in the area of developing inclusive Special Education programs designed to provide the least-restrictive environment (LRE) for children who were previously out of district.

IEP’s programs bring children back into the community where they belong and offer them state-of-the-art Special Education instruction, inclusive of related services, saving substantial taxpayer dollars.

All of IEP’s inclusive Special Education Programs feature:

  • Collaborative Planning
  • Flexible Programming
  • Expert Teaching and related services
  • Increased accountability
  • Cost savings

IEP offers the following Programs at The Hillside Academy, Hillside, New Jersey:

  • Pre-K Disabilities
  • Primary Multiple Disabilities
  • Primary Autistic I
  • Primary Autistic II
  • Cognitive Impairment – Moderate
  • Behavioral Disabilities – Middle School
  • Behavioral Disabilities – High School
  • Cognitive Impairment – Mild High School

About The Hillside Academy

The Hillside Academy provides exemplary special education classes for more than 60 students currently in Grades Preschool through Grade 12. These students are classified as having preschool disabilities, autism, and developmental/behavioral disabilities. Classes are conducted in five public schools within the Hillside School District. Tuition students from neighboring townships are also eligible to attend the program.

Students attending the IEP program benefit from a strong academic curriculum aligned with the New Jersey Common Core State Standards. The program focuses on the students’ individual needs and learning levels. Inclusion opportunities are also available in the Middle School and High School. The IEP program also offers a highly structured behavior management system, working towards the success of all students.


Components of the IEP Applied
Learning and Autistic Programs
Applied Learning Program Autistic Program
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Pre-Vocational Workshops
  • Social Skill Training
  • School to Work Partnerships
  • New Jersey Core Content Standards
  • Sensory Motor Integration
  • Movement Classes
  • Inclusion Opportunities
  • Applied Behavioral Analysis
  • Introduction to Play Skills

Related Services

  • BCBA Classroom
  • Consultation Services
  • Counseling Services
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech/Language Therapy
  • Transition
From School To Work To Adult Life
The Hillside Academy offers an Applied Learning Program. The program emphasizes a functional curriculum in the areas of academics, money management, inter-personal relationships, career readiness, personal travel, community involvement, home living skills, health and safety, and self-advocacy.The curriculum is designed to provide students with special needs a flexible program that is not only individualized but also practical, adaptive, and ecologically oriented.The primary goal of the Applied Learning Program is for students to master independent living skills while developing competency in a broad array of social and work-related skills within today’s contemporary society. The Hillside Academy offers classes designed specifically for students with autism. The program features a highly structured classroom with a low student/teacher ratio.Classes emphasize a functional curriculum in the areas of academics, behavioral interventions, social skills, play skills, and self-help skills. The primary goal of our autistic classes is to encourage each student to be independent and productive within their class and individual environment.

“Together we can make a difference”