Connect reading and writing by creating your own blog for student comments, reflections and an opportunity to practice their writing skills.

Intermediate Reading teacher, Amber Lear, from Hagerstown Elementary in Hagerstown, Indiana, uses to create interest in a story.  “The blog has been a great tool to get students excited to write about their reading and to respond to what other students have written,” states Mrs. Lear. “The types of responses that they are writing are what I used to have them write in their reader’s notebooks, but they were never happy about doing it until it was presented in the blog format!”

Says one of Ms. Lear’s students, “I like the blog because you get to comment on what other people say just like on Facebook only this is safer!”

Essential Component #19: Students have frequent and equitable access to technology.

Math teachers…check out these apps for your students…  

Disclaimer:   ISI assumes no liability for the content of these sites. Be sure to preview carefully before allowing students to use.


Math Racing  An excellent game for practicing whole number addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. For ages 6-16.

Combine 4! A great thinking game for small kids and big kids alike!


Elevated Math This app is an excellent for basic math through Algebra 1. Its “career video” section has interviews with professionals discussing how they use math in their everyday lives. A great way to show kids why they need to learn math!

Motion Math  For intermediate and middle school students, the understanding of fractions and percents are presented in a kinesthetic way.

Cross Fingers  In this tangram puzzle game, your brain will be put to the test. Levels available for all ages.

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