Using Technology as Your Daily Focus Activity

In Darleen Stanley’s Primary Writing classroom at Camelback Academy in Glendale, AZ, students are chosen daily in each grade level to be the “Information Technology Specialist.” These students control the teacher’s laptop (hooked up to the digital projector) and lead the students through their focus activity. Not only are the students then interacting with technology in a way other than Computer Station, but the teacher is then freed up to take attendance, review the traveling cluster behavior sheet, and switch out any materials she may need for her next class.

On this day, the Kindergarten Technology Specialist pulled up the site She led the students through the daily calendar and a few other activities, including choosing a letter of the alphabet for them to review.  Lastly, she clicked another link, leading to a song/video for the planets, their current topic of study in Science.

By allowing her students to use technology as a tool for communicating with others, Ms. Stanley puts them in an active role.  Every student has the opportunity to be the Information Technology Specialist, allowing for increased self-esteem, motivation, acquisition of computer skills, more collaboration with peers, and presentation skills such as wait time.

We challenge you to think outside the box and find ways to use more student-led technology in your classroom daily.

CHILD/TEAMS Essential Component: Students have frequent and equitable access to computers/technology.

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“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.”                       

-John Dewey, 1950

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