Open House and Teacher Station Ideas

Critical Tip of the Month

Students should be visiting stations at least 3-4 times during each 10 day rotation.  Consistent use of stations will enable students to move toward mastery of independent and collaborative learning.

TEAMS Essential Component #5: Students work at a variety of learning stations (technology, hands-on, text/written).

Find the following resources online in the Teacher Tools section at for TEAMS.

Orienting Parents to TEAMS

  • TEAMS Open House materials (a complete guide for hosting a Parent Open House including Task Cards for parents to move from station to station)
  • TEAMS Parent Letter
  • Welcome to TEAMS PowerPoint for Parents(Introducing parents to TEAMS)
  • Welcome to TEAMS PowerPoint for Students(Introducing students to TEAMS)

Jennifer Hogan, Middle School Math Specialist, Gardens School of Technology Arts, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

  • Answer Station Task Card (a Task Card to encourage students to monitor their own work allowing you time to work freely with individuals)
  • Ask 3 Before Me Sign (sign to encourage self-help)
  • Teacher Station Task Cards (subject specific to use all year long)
  • Individual Planning Template (include Perpetual Skills, Theme connections, etc., in a fillable-format)

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