The Cluster Management materials include: Procedure Posters, Station Signs, Task Card Holders for Stations, Daily Station Assignment Boards with student name strips and magnets, Seat Sacks, Mouse Pads, Pencils, Activity Game Boards, Transition Flip Cards and Go Green Dry Erase Activity Sheet sleeves.


The CHILD Passport is a management tool to help students become organized and focused on their work. The Passport is a practice record used to assess students’ effort at each learning station. Students also use the Passport to set and assess goals. Students have a Passport for each of the three subject areas. At the end of each four-week unit, students bring the Passports home. Parents become thus an integral part of the learning team by having a visual record of their child’s work in the classroom. The Passport helps parents and children understand the academic significance of the station activities and their progress towards teaching pre-established learning goals.


The Hands-On Activity Kits consist of a variety of commercially made games and activities for each subject area and level. Each activity comes with Task Cards and Activity Sheets. Activities are selected based on rigor and alignment with grade-level expectations and the Common Core State Standards.


The Teacher’s Manual is a complete guide to assist teachers in implementing the CHILD instructional program. The manual includes the following chapters: Overview of CHILD, Getting Started, Planning Station Activities, Assessment, Managing the Classroom, Roles and Responsibilities, and Essential Components. The appendix includes tools for record keeping, students’ certificates, and other classroom management tools.


The Leadership Guide helps principals, administrators and coordinators provide effective leadership to ensure the long term success of CHILD. Included in the guide are documents to use in making presentations to community groups, and strategies to involve the entire school in adopting the effective practices in Project CHILD.