TEAMS is an innovative and exciting instructional delivery model for active learning through technology-rich, interdisciplinary instruction. In the TEAMS model, the disciplines of Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts are linked through unit themes geared to the individual interest of middle school students.

TEAMS Philosophy

Philosophical Foundations of TEAMS is based upon involvement, relevance, and rigor.

  • Students are actively involved in the learning process on a daily basis.
  • Teachers create a supportive learning environment that fosters inquiry and creativity that promotes a growth mindset.
  • Relationships among the various subject areas is made evident to students, and the relevancy of the skills taught in those subject areas. Reflects a clear pathway to students becoming successful 21st century learners.

TEAMS Best Practices

Best Practices incorporated in TEAMS provides your learning community the ability to:

  • Encourage independent and collaborative success for students of varying academic levels.
  • Enable students to sense consistent expectations from teachers.
  • Provide a support group for teachers and eliminate departmental isolation.
  • Encourage connections across disciplines.
  • Ensure coordination across all aspects of the core instructional curriculum.

TEAMS Blueprint

TEAMS turns research-based practice into reality in

  • Restructure the school and subject areas to align curriculum.
  • Empower teachers to encourage collaboration.
  • Empower students to build responsibility and develop a growth mindset.
  • Establish positive learning environments to increase student success.
  • Increase motivation and time-on-task through engaging learning opportunities.
  • Provide professional development that encourages teachers’ success.
  • Integrate technology into classroom instruction and learning.

TEAMS Results

The response to Project TEAMS has been over-whelmingly positive from both the students and the teachers, regardless of their previous academic learning environment.

Teachers noted that TEAMS students exhibited:

  • Increased organizational skills.
  • Greater accountability in self-guided studies.
  • Better ability to work in groups.
  • Better computer skills.

Test scores between 5th and 6th grade:

FROM 637.5 640.0 640.0
TO 659.4 645.5 646.6