The premise behind our academic enrichment program, CHILD TUTORS™, is that students desperately want to catch up and oftentimes simply require a structured pathway to become successful. By engaging students in a research-based, three –tiered approach to instruction, students ultimately will be successful learners. Our program is based primarily upon increased student engagement in the learning process. This engagement process includes planning, tracking goals and measurements of success. Students are more motivated to a greater effort by the prospect of assessments based on individual achievement.

Students are also constructing and enhancing many of the “soft” skills such as leadership building, self-monitoring, self-assessment and accountability that are so critical to 21st century learning for successful college and career work.

All the materials used in the program are correlated with the Common Core Standards which provide the deeper knowledge and understanding of content needed by today’s students. The station activities and leveled reading materials focus on real life applications and learning through the content areas of science and social studies.

Our flexible service plan offer schools the option to select the most adequate service components they need for their students.

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